3. The Push Away

bowling ball drilling

Push the ball DOWN, AWAY, and to the RIGHT—that's the "push-away" motion.

bowling ball drilling

A side view of the pushaway.

You've found your starting point, you've set your feet and your shoulders, and you're holding the ball properly. Now the action of the delivery begins—and it begins with a motion that is called the pushaway. The pushaway is triggered by the first step of your delivery. I describe it like this: it's a rather  slow-moving  motion  wherein  the  ball  is  "pushed" down, away, and slightly to the right of the body. Remember these words: down, away, and to the right. They describe the most important part of the pushaway motion.

The pushaway triggers your approach and delivery. It initiates the action of the pendulum armswing. Actuating the pushaway motion is like pulling the trigger on a pistol; once it's been done, there's no reversing the action that is to follow. So be sure your pushaway action is executed properly—if it isn't, your delivery won't be right. It is for this reason that I've tabbed the pushaway "the point of no return."

As you take that very first step, move the ball down, away, and off to the right, as I've said. Meanwhile, the left hand assists in starting the ball on its outward motion.

bowling ball drilling

A word about the length of the pushaway—it should be no longer than the length of the first step. In fact, both in length and in character it should be like the first step: short and slow-moving. Never thrust the ball forward violently.

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