5. The Explosion or Release

You can have a smooth delivery and a wonderfully co­ordinated approach, but if the manner in which you release the ball isn't right, then you are going to be just another duf­fer. Practice the proper release. You can even do it at home.

bowling ball drilling

Keep your wrist straight and firm. Here's the "perfect" wrist follow­ing release.

You don't have to make any delivery; just practice releasing your bowling ball into a pile of pillows or an old chair or sofa. It's crucial for you to learn to release properly.

First of all, remember to keep your wrist straight and firm; don't let it break, or you'll lose control of the ball and will spoil your accuracy. Secondly, keep the thumb at about a twelve o'clock position—certainly never below nine o'clock.

bowling ball drilling

The "nine o'clock" hand position.

bowling ball drilling

The "shake-hands" position.

Be sure to release the ball over the foul line; the thumb comes out first.

bowling ball drilling

This is where the ball should strike the lane.

It's a position 1 like to call the shake-hands position. Put your right hand up as if you were going to shake hands with a friend of yours. Look at your hand now—that is the position it should be in when you release the ball.

As you release the ball keep your head down, and your eyes on your target. The thumb comes out first, and then the fingers. The fingers stay with the ball for an instant to give lifting action.

The ball should always be released over the foul line— that is, at a point three to four inches beyond the line. Reach out with the ball—this encourages a good follow-through motion.

bowling ball drilling

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